Large, industrial, site assembled cooling towers featuring our crossflow design, with gearbox driven fans for lower maintenance.Designed and engineered in Melbourne, the TXi series is a larger, field erected, crossflow cooling tower incorporating right angle gearbox drives, a column and girt based framing structure, fibreglass exterior, suspended PVC fill, double layer drift reducers and louvres. Of note is the framing, which is made of hot dipped galvanised steel and provides a robust, industrial class rating.

Typically in the past, large, crossflow cooling towers were made using timber as the preferred material of construction for the structure. Nowadays other options are also available such as fibreglass pultruded framing or a reinforced fibreglass outer shell. However, Tower Thermal chose steel due to its strength, material stability, ease of pre-fabrication, availability, price and prior knowledge and experience gained with the smaller TXQ series.

The result is a heavy duty, steel structure, impervious to rot per timber, water ingress per  fibreglass if not sealed properly, fire and UV degradation. The perception of steel is the potential for corrosion, however, all steelwork is heavily galvanised to Australian Standards after fabrication and experience so far suggests a long life.

A particular feature of this series of cooling tower is the dual layer drift reducer and dual layer air inlet louvre. This reduces drift and water loss due to windage to extremely low levels. Also included as standard are internal, maintenance, inspection walkways and ladders to multi levels.

Modular design makes for easier and safer site assembly. Contact us to find out how.