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Crossflow Cooling Towers in Melbourne, Australia

Tower Thermal is a fiberglass cooling tower manufacturer in Australia, providing high-quality cooling towers with wide applications for several industries. For over two decades, we have been trusted cooling tower suppliers for many Australian companies. With highly skilled and knowledgeable engineering staff, we provide comprehensive turnkey cooling tower solutions.

Our proprietary brand products are designed, engineered, tested & QA assembled in Australia to AS3666, AS3500, AS1657 in our factory located in Bayswater, Victoria. We not only supply our high-performing cooling towers in Australia but also export them to New Zealand and other countries.

As a reliable cooling tower company in Australia, we strive to work with our customers end-to-end to get the desired results. Call us today to request a free quote.

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Why Choose Tower Thermal Proprietary Cooling Towers

Unrivaled Experience

With over 20 years in the industry servicing and manufacturing cooling tower units, we've carried out projects for companies all over Australia.

Crossflow Design

Through our own design, manufacturing, and testing, we deliver a product that is low profile, low noise, efficient, affordable and easy to maintain.

Deal Direct with the Manufacturer

We manufacture our own products, so you can expect prompt quotes and technical advice with excellent product back up spares and engineering support.
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  • We use the latest and most advanced technologies in designing our trademark branded products.
  • Larger cooling towers are designed for easy site assembly and installation with 3D instructions provided.
  • We follow strict quality standards in the manufacturing and assembly process.
  • Our cooling towers are designed in accordance with Australian Standards AS3666,  AS3500, AS1657.
  • Designed in Australia, we have the advantage of local supply of CAD drawings, heat transfer calculations and testing.
  • Our cooling towers are made using high-grade materials that are suitable for both light and heavy-duty industries.
  • Crossflow is our main type, but counterflow designs are available to suit varying requirements.
  • Our products are designed practically for low noise, low maintenance and high efficiency.

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Our Services

TXQ Quietflow® Cooling Towers

Suitable for most applications from HVAC to industrial. Featuring low noise fans, large basin volumes, factory assembled modules and our crossflow design. Read More

TXi Industrial Cooling Towers

Large, industrial, site assembled cooling towers featuring our crossflow design, with gearbox driven fans for lower maintenance.Know more  below.Read More

Other Cooling Towers

From small, packaged, fibreglass cooling towers to large, industrial, cooling towers, we have a product that will meet your requirements and fulfill your needs. Read More

Parts, Service & Repairs

After sales service and installation is available for parts and repairs for our Tower Thermal cooling towers. Replacement parts and mechanical repairs are available for other makes too. Read More

Performance Testing

Consultancy services are available for thermal performance evaluations and upgrades carried out by Tower Thermal’s own professional engineering personnel and test instrumentation. Read More

Risk Management, Audits & Inspections

Risk management plans and audits for cooling tower systems per Victorian legislation and Department of Human Services standards. Know more details by clicking below. Read More

Recent Projects

We have supplied cooling towers or services to just about every large Australian company over the years and also for export to New Zealand and other countries. Click the link below to view photos of projects undertaken by Tower Thermal.

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The Tower Thermal Advantage

As a highly regarded cooling tower supplier in Australia, we strive to provide easily accessible services. We always ensure a ready stock of product spare parts, fast turnaround times and quick technical support.

If you have queries for cooling towers, please do not hesitate to call us.

Other Services

  • After sales repairs, service and parts for Tower Thermal cooling towers.
  • Turnkey cooling tower installations including piping, supporting steelwork, electrical, etc.
  • Cooling tower refurbishment.
  • Supply of accessories like drive-shafts, gearboxes, fans, etc.
  • Thermal performance testing.
  • Structural engineering inspections of cooling towers.
  • Risk Management Plans and cooling tower system audits as per the Department of Human Services standards and Victorian legislation.
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The following are the registered trademarks products of Tower Thermal:

  • Quietflow®
  • Quietline®
  • Sidedraft®
  • ImpactDeck®
  • Tower Thermal®
  • TXQ®, TXF®, TXi ®, TXC®