What are Cooling Towers?

Cooling towers are used to reject heat from industrial processes or large commercial air conditioning systems via evaporation from circulating water contacted by air flow. An optional filtration system can be used to reduce atmospheric contaminants.

Benefits of a Cooling Tower System Versus an Air Cooled System for Industry

  • Reliable with less break downs.
  • Energy efficient using a water as the cooling medium rather than air – lower power consumption and operating cost.
  • Increased system performance in hotter weather – colder water possible.
  • Lower overall cost to operate.

TXQ Quietflow® Cooling Tower

Suited for most applications from HVAC to industrial. Featuring low noise fans, large basin volumes, factory assembled modules and our crossflow design.
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TXi Industrial Cooling Tower

Large, industrial, site assembled cooling towers featuring our crossflow  tower design, with gearbox driven fans for lower maintenance and high efficiency.
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TXC Counterflow Cooling Tower

Large, industrial counterflow, cooling towers, site assembled, gear box driven fans for lower maintenance. Suits existing basins and where space is limited.
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TXF Sidedraft® Cooling Tower

For small manufacturers or light industrial duty such as oil cooling, this side discharge cooling tower comes in a compact size with larger sizes available on request.
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Centrifugal Separators

Side stream, full stream or basin eductor systems are available via centrifugal solids separators. The most cost effective and practical cooling tower filtration.
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The Case for Crossflow Cooling Towers

Crossflow cooling towers have a 90° contact angle of air and water mixture. Air is drawn horizontally across a fill pack while water flows down vertically from the top.
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