The TXQ QUIETFLOW® series cooling towers are suited for the larger HVAC and medium-sized industrial markets.

Low Noise Emissions

Provides a more neighbour friendly and safer working environment via low noise fans,
standard on all TXQ models. Utilises wide profile, low speed, big blue fibreglass fans.

Built for Industry

Heavy duty internal steel framing takes the load, not the fibreglass panelling. Gravity nozzles can be cleaned without shutting down the plant via removable hot water basin covers.

The Crossflow Advantage

The crossflow design has many advantages over the counterflow design. Click here to download a flyer that discusses the many differences and how they may benefit you.

Special Crossflow Design

We add features such as removable air seals and splash baffles to further enhance the design; a patented ImpactDeck® water diffuser to provide exceptional water distribution, even at low flows; double layer of drift eliminators for super low drift rate on models TXQ-275 & larger; fully enclosed, fibreglass v-belt covers on TXQ-275 and smaller; electric motor protection to a high IP66 standard with tropic proofing and epoxy paint; internal walkways; adjustable anchor plates for slight foundation misalignment; heavy duty internal steel frame.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements so we can recommend the best cooling solution for your situation.

For airconditioning condenser water cooling of large commercial buildings to process cooling for industrial applications where waste heat removal is required. Contact us to discuss your application.